Cybersecurity awareness

Technology users are prime targets for hackers. The lack of cybersecurity knowledge, tools, and automation means they are ill-prepared to detect cyberthreats. For users to become a strong link in your business’s cybersecurity strategy, they need to have the right knowledge and tools at their fingertips. That’s why we created our cybersecurity awareness service.

Make sure your technology is used safely!

The MD.ECO platform’s cybersecurity awareness service is designed to guide users toward a cybersecure use of technology. It helps users adopt safer behaviours quickly through a full range of tools for swiftly handling cyberattacks and addressing issues.

Key features


  • User-friendly online portal
  • Short videos on safe behaviour
  • Tools to correct detected risky behaviour

IT managers

  • Overview of users’ risky behaviours
  • Behavioural scoring for users


  • Significantly strengthens cybersecurity posture by making employees more aware and involved
  • Provides real-time cybersecurity awareness
  • Supports employees in the safe use of collaboration tools
  • Fosters a sense of good digital citizenship
  • Detects risky behaviours
  • Encourages employee autonomy

How does it work?

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