Managed detection and response

The meteoric growth of cyberattacks is putting more pressure than ever on businesses. Cybercriminals are getting more and more sophisticated, and they never sleep. All businesses are at risk—no exceptions. The managed detection and response service is exactly what you need to enjoy round-the-clock protection.

Enjoy round-the-clock monitoring and protection!

Our managed detection and response service is designed to accelerate incident response and provide well-organized remediation. It’s supported by our Cybersecurity Operations Centre, which acts as an extension of your business’s IT team. Our operations centre discerns true alerts from false ones and takes care of the remediation strategy.

Adapted to your needs

You can choose as many of our managed detection and response services as your business needs.

Cloud environments

Workstations and servers

Cybersecurity infrastructure

Local infrastructure

Overview of our services

  • Real-time, round-the-clock environmental monitoring, analysis, and protection
  • Cloud-based log collection and retention infrastructure
  • Multiple categories of potential use cases
  • Log retention
  • Management and remediation adapted to each client
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports and governance meetings


  • Service 100% managed, developed, and maintained by Mondata
  • Rapid response and support for incidents
  • Seamless protection by our platform and our Cybersecurity Operations Centre
  • Technology-agnostic solution
  • Rapid deployment
  • Less strain from false alarms

How does it work?

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