Cybersecurity of collaboration tools

Working from home and hybrid schedules mean that collaboration tools are being used more than ever. It’s critical for organizations to understand who has access to sensitive data, who they’re sharing it with, from which devices, and for how long. The collaboration tools cybersecurity service allows your business to make the most of those tools while keeping security at the forefront.

Make sure your teams are using collaboration tools safely!

The collaboration tools cybersecurity service is designed to empower all employees to use collaboration environments safely It also provides IT managers with 360° insight into the risks that come with using these environments.

Key features

Web management portal

  • Unified view of sharing, resources, and ticket tracking
  • Visibility on asset owners and members participating in working groups

Automation tools

  • ID and access management
  • Access certification
  • Revocation of unnecessary access
  • Denial of risky shares

Centralized device log

  • Workstations
  • Cell phones
  • Company resources like libraries and applications


  • Collaboration tools can be used to their full potential in a secure environment
  • Group management is simplified and made easier to control
  • Employees are empowered, which means less IT micromanagement
  • Everyone receives comprehensive, easy-to-understand insight into the risks associated with collaborative environments
  • • The organization is protected against data leaks

How does it work?

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