How it works

The platform centralizes information from your cybersecurity equipment, as well as your local and cloud environments, while analyzing data in real time and providing a lightning-fast response to cybersecurity issues. Our Cybersecurity Operations Centre makes sure the platform stays on top of the latest threats and supports your teams in the event of a cyberattack.

Visibility and automation

The MD.ECO platform provides all the tools needed to automate cybersecurity. With its intuitive web portal, it gives you full visibility of your cybersecurity and helps you manage it easily and efficiently. You will be able to quickly understand the issues and will be able to take corrective action. With MD.ECO, cybersecurity delivers results.

How does it work?



Identifying your critical assets and data is fundamental. Together, we can determine the greatest threats to them.



The platform collects and centralizes millions of events from your cybersecurity devices, local infrastructures, and cloud environments each day.



Using artificial intelligence and automation, the MD.ECO platform and our Cybersecurity Operations Centre take care of the events. They highlight risky user behaviour and detect any anomalies.



Once anomalies and risky behaviours are detected, our operations centre analyzes them to separate the real alerts from the false ones.



If an alert reveals a potentially dangerous situation, the Mondata team takes charge of the remediation strategy.



With Mondata and the MD.ECO platform, your entire organization will take part in a continuous improvement process to make cybersecurity a key part of your business strategy.


  • Technology agnostic
  • Full-time protection against cyberthreats
  • 360° visibility
  • Automation tools to simplify cybersecurity management
  • Detects unsafe user behaviour, educates users, and provides tools to correct the situation

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