Governance and compliance

Cybersecurity governance and compliance are now a must for organizations. Customers, suppliers, business partners, and some regulatory institutions all require organizations to comply with certain cybersecurity frameworks. Doing so can quickly become a challenge, since governance and compliance require specialized knowledge and resources aren’t always readily available.

Make governance and compliance management easier with automation!

The governance and compliance service is specifically designed to simplify what can be a time-consuming task. It offers cybersecurity policy templates; policy mapping with CIS, NIST, and ISO; and a comprehensive list of controls that automate reporting in minutes!

Key features

  • Strategic cybersecurity plan
  • Compliance report
  • Automated verification of technical controls for cloud environments
  • Portal for managing frameworks and giving insight into your business’s operational controls


  • Clear, easy-to-understand view of the business’s advancements in its cybersecurity posture
  • Faster, simpler implementation of controls and evidence gathering
  • Simple proof of compliance, both internally and externally
  • Quick production of compliance reports

How does it work?

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