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Businesses are shifting more and more of their operations online, and that comes with a much greater risk of cyberattacks. Mondata helps businesses safely make their digital transitions. We offer a full range of services, from strategy and posture assessment to cybersecurity audits and security for AWS development environments. Mondata’s experts are partners you can trust.


Cyber Emergency

Cyber Emergency is designed to provide rapid intervention and mitigation in the event of a cyber attack.

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Installation and configuration of cybersecurity solutions

You’re looking for cybersecurity solutions that meet your needs.

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Cybersecurity posture assessment and penetration testing

With digital threats constantly evolving, it’s essential to ensure that your company is ready to face up to attacks.

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Privacy posture assessment

Get peace of mind by ensuring legal compliance with our privacy posture assessment services.

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Development of customized security solutions

When it comes to developing a tailor-made digital solution, cybersecurity is an essential aspect to consider.

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Cyber insurance preparation service

This service is designed to help companies assess their cybersecurity controls before taking out cyber insurance.

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