CIS Protection for Microsoft 365

Mondata is excited to present CIS Protection for M365, another one of our innovative cybersecurity solutions. It is specifically designed to verify and ensure the implementation of security requirements proposed by the CIS Benchmark for Microsoft 365 in your environment.

Free yourself from complexity and gain peace of mind

Every day, the security of your configurations is validated

Enhance your cybersecurity with our automated CIS protection system for Microsoft 365, based on the best practices of the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

Protect your business against cyber threats and ensure that your Microsoft 365 environment is securely configured with our innovative CIS Benchmarks validation system.

Our solution provides a proactive approach to strengthen your cybersecurity posture by identifying missing or deficient configurations and providing clear recommendations to rectify the situation. We also ensure that cybersecurity checks are performed daily, and evidence of these checks is retained to simplify compliance reporting, which is often requested by clients and partners.

Multiply your cybersecurity firepower by engaging the entire team

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